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Focusing with Focus Writer

focus-writerWhat is it like to use ‘Focus Writer’? So far I’m really enjoying using it as the title is accurate and it focuses on your writing and stays out of the way. I've found that I am far more productive compared to writing in a browser or anther text editor.

One of the features that I like is th…

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Disable terminal bell and increase font size in windows 10

Maximized applications in Windows 10

Remove icons from the desktop in Windows 10

Longer date format in Windows 10

Remove "All Applications" from Windows 10 Start Menu

Add startup applications in Windows 10

Disable taskbar on extended desktop in Windows 10

Enable virtual workspaces in Windows 10

  1. Open Windows Settings (⊞ Win + i)
  2. Step 01
  3. Step 01
  4. Step 01
  5. Step 01
  6. Step 01

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Disable screen rotation in Windows 10

Automatically log into Windows 10 after suspend or resume

Toggle transparency effects in Windows 10

Browse linux box from windows 10

Mate terminal profile tips and tricks

how to change mate terminal profiles etc...

termial colour creator and saver....

Getting my sanity back in Chrome

If you're like me, looking at a monitor all the time has taken it's toll on my eyesight. In the last several months, I've needed to 'select all' on most web pages because I can't differentiate the contrast correctly and find having any kind of colour surrounding the text helps. I've also needed to z…

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Customizing the Thinkpad T430

It was time to update my laptop, so of course my first choice was the formidable Thinkpad series. I always prefer to buy refurbished corporate laptops because there is usually a huge mark down on prices and in this case, a new LCD screen and Motherboard.

My new Thinkpad T430 arrived and I tried t…

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Change Thinkpad T61 page forward/back to page up/down in Linux

The Thinkpad T61 is a formidable machine that has earned it's place in history and for me is still my go-to laptop of choice despite its' 10+ year manufacture date.

There one flaw that I have found, that the Page Up/Page Down keys are in the most awkward of places, on the very top right of the keypad…

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How to compile micro text editor on Termux on Android

Micro is a brilliant editor that is like an enhanced version of Nano. I'm really starting to enjoy coding in it. If you want to use it on Termux on Android, like I do then here's a quick walk through on how to comile it.

In Termux we are going to need a couple of packages before we get started; git a…

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Deviot, a much better alternative Arduino IDE

The default IDE that ships for the range of Arduino boards isn't really my kind of application. I have searched and tried quite a few on Linux over the years and have settled on a great one called Deviot.

My biggest issues with the official IDE were the lack of customisation, font sizes and rendering…

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How to add a user on Wordpress via PHPMyAdmin when you are locked out!

Getting locked out of a Wordpress accound sucks. It may happen for a variety of reasons; getting hacked, too many password attempts or just plain forgeting your password.

If this has happend to you, it doesn't mean you are locked out of your site for good, if you have access to Cpanel and PHPMyAdmin …

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