Focusing with Focus Writer

focus-writerWhat is it like to use ‘Focus Writer’? So far I’m really enjoying using it as the title is accurate and it focuses on your writing and stays out of the way. I've found that I am far more productive compared to writing in a browser or anther text editor.

One of the features that I like is the ability to focus on one line at a time. Where only the current line is highlighted and the rest of the document fades into the background.


Another is being able to set alarms to give yourself a goal which also helps you focus. Being distracted by everything takes away my train of thought, so having a minimalist interface really helps on getting things done.


The ability to customize the look and feel is paramount to me and ‘Focus Writer’ is fully customization from top to bottom, or just choose one of the nice default environments if that works for you. Spell checking works great too, as do all the usual formatting tools such as text spacing, emphasis and indentation. Overall, I enjoy using ‘Focus Writer’ and will continue to do so, furthermore; I highly recommend it.


Focus Writer can be installed witht the following command Debian based systems, or visit their website


sudo apt-get install focuswriter


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