Getting my sanity back in Chrome

If you're like me, looking at a monitor all the time has taken it's toll on my eyesight. In the last several months, I've needed to 'select all' on most web pages because I can't differentiate the contrast correctly and find having any kind of colour surrounding the text helps. I've also needed to zoom most web pages to 125% just to be able to read them.

Although I am resigned to the fact that I will need glasses in the near future, these couple of Chrome plugins that I have found that have made reading far better and I don't need to strain at all. Maybe they will help you with your sight too.

Dark Reader

When I first turned Dark Reader on, I was amazed. I could read without adjusting the brightness of the monitor or selecting all. I've set my shortcuts to Ctrl+Shift+Z to toggle on a per-site basis which Dark Reader remembers each and every one and the global shortcut set to Ctrl+Z

Z Zoom

Zooming in on each and every page gets old fast. But it was necessary due to the reasons mentioned above. After installing Dark Reader, I went on the hunt for the perfect zooming plug-in.
Z Zoom remembers each page you have zoomed, there is even an option to set the default level at whatever you see fit.

I can very highly recommend both of these  plug-ins if you are having to adjust sites just to be able to read them.

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